New Zealand Coal Geology

In geological terms New Zealand is very young compared with the continents, but its history has been active.

The Waikato Coal Region

The Waikato coal region consists of coalfields developed 30 -35 million years ago during the Eocene-Oligocene period, which formed the Waikato coal measures. The region extends from Drury (near Auckland) in the north to Mangapehi, south of Te Kuiti. Learn more.

The West Coast Coal Region

The West Coast coal region is situated on the West Coast of the South Island. It comprises coalfields formed during the Late Cretaceous and Early Tertiary period within a narrow, elongate, fault-bound basin (the Paparoa trough), which extends from Ross in the south to Seddonville in the north. Learn more.

Southland Coal Region

The lignite resources of the Southland coal region comprise a reported 71% of New Zealand’s recoverable coal resources. The various coalfields within this region are multi-seam with up to 15 minable horizons.
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