Coal Products and Uses

Demand for coal in steelmaking and as a cost-effective energy source for industrial processing and electricity generation remains strong.

Solid Energy has the lowest sulphur coals available in New Zealand. Coals from different mines are blended to best meet customer needs.

Coal Characteristics:

  • Low Ash 2 – 5 %
  • High Energy 22.5 Mj/kg to 32 Mj/kg resulting in lower costs per gigajoule of energy required
  • Sulphur – as low as 0.18% ( the lowest available in New Zealand)

Solid Energy supplies a range of quality coal products, including:

Hard Coking Coal and Semi-Hard Coking Coal

  • Low Ash (3-4%) optimal cokemaking rank, unique coals that can transform coke blends
  • High vitrinite (90%+), low phosphorus
  • High quality New Zealand coal contributes a larger quantity of “net carbon” to the reduction process than other coals
  • Ability to supply consistent quality to the world’s leading steel mills and coke makers
  • Over 25 years experience in supply to 12 countries
  • Technical utilisation support to ensure the maximum value is obtained
  • A new country-of-supply for buyers seeking supply diversification

PCI Coal

  • Unique Low Ash PCI Coal (2-5%)
  • Excellent replacement ratios
  • Extremely low phosphorus
  • High energy (7300 kcals +)
  • Excellent injection properties
  • Very high grove index, creating high mill efficiency

Thermal Coal

  • High quality bituminous coal
  • High specific energy, 7300 kcals
  • Very low ash levels, 5-6%
  • Excellent milling and burnout characteristics
  • A new country-of-supply for buyers seeking supply diversification
  • Clean burning (low contaminant) environmentally friendly coal

Specialist Coal

  • Ultra Low Ash coals (1-2%)
  • Proven suitability for activated carbon and silicon metal processes
  • 20 years supply to the world’s leading activated carbon manufacturers
  • Extremely reactive coals to meet all requirement
  • High fixed carbon with low contaminants
  • High charcoal replacement ratios (reductant processes)
  • Politically stable supply source
  • Flexible shipping options