Stockton Mine Cypress Extension

The new $60 million mining development will involve construction of two new mining pits and associated infrastructure, extending Stockton Mine’s operational area to the east into the Upper Waimangaroa Mining Permit area. The Cypress pits will contribute approximately 5 million tonnes of high-quality coal to Stockton’s production over about 10 years. At present, Solid Energy expects to begin the large-scale development work in 2010 with the aim of taking first coal from the northern Cypress pit in late 2011. This factsheet explains the project.

Environment Court Decision May 2005

  • Executive Summary (PDF, 58 KB)
  • Environment Court decision (PDF, 9.77 MB)
  • Consent Conditions (PDF, 3.55 MB)
  • Attachments to Consent Conditions (PDF, 21.1 MB)

Solid Energy stands by its commitment to develop and operate this new mine using environmental best practice and in particular to minimise the impacts of mining on the indigenous flora and fauna.

The Environment Court has acknowledged Solid Energy’s draft management plans for both the kiwi and the snail in the area, accepting our proposal to create a predator proof reserve of some 17 hectares and an extensive predator control programme in a wider area.

Solid Energy Draft Environmental Management Plans

These plans will be finalised before the resource consents are given effect and will be implemented in accordance with the resource consent conditions.

  • Draft Kiwi Management Plan (PDF, 224 KB)
  • Draft Powelliphanta Patricknsis Management Plan (PDF, 232 KB)
  • Draft Predator Plan (PDF, 263 KB)